subscription widget doesn’t add subscribers

Two problems:
1. When you try to subscribe an email via the sidebar widget, the email address doesn’t appear on the subscription list.
2. The export to csv file exports an empty file (only a header row and no subscribers or email addresses).

The first problem seemed to coincide with the upgrade to wordpress 3.3.1 and version 8.0 of the plugin (the plugin was upgraded first). In attempting to solve the first problem, I attempted to export the subscriber list to csv as a backup and reinstall the plugin. Now the list of subscribers is gone.

5 thoughts on “subscription widget doesn’t add subscribers

  1. Gordon Robb

    I am having this problem. Well the ‘not adding subscribers’ bit. And yes, it is your plugin I’m using.

    I have installed Subscribe2 – works well.

    I thought it had its own widget when I used it before, but couldn’t find it, so downloaded, installed and activated Subscribe2 Widget. It shows up in the right place, but when I try it by putting in an email address ans clicking on Subscribe, the screen just refreshes. No confirmation of subscription, and now new subscriber appears in subscribe 2.

    Any thoughts?

  2. support admin Post author

    Hi Robb,

    did you try the shortcode in a WP post/page and did it work there?


    1. Gordon Robb

      To be honest I fixed it myself because I couldn’t get any help anywhere else. It is so long ago, I don’t know what I had to do to get it to work. But it’s working now.

      1. support admin

        Would you be so kind to zip/rar your this plugin from your server so I can compare your version with my version?

        If it turns out you made a great fix I’ll release it and give you credit in the changelist.

        Shall I sent you my email-adress?


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