Warm Cache and Cloudflare

So I am not sure this is a bug and I have seen other people report on issues related to this and it appears they may think that Warm Cache is not “working” when in reality it probably is working but its not configure properly or maybe we need some option in Warm Cache but here goes…

I have both Warm Cache installed and configure AND I have Cloudflare (the free version) running.

So when Warm Cache goes to run/crawl, I think it is trying to get to the Cloudflare cache and NOT crawl my local site.

I cant figure out how to tell Warm Cache to crawl my local server and not go out to the internet and ultimately Cloudflare.

If I STOP Cloudflare then warm cache will run

One thought on “Warm Cache and Cloudflare

  1. the support admin Post author

    If your cloudflare reverse-proxy has caching the plugin will still do its job: pre-caching.
    Allthough requests do not reach your website. and .. you cannot see stats.

    Set your cronjob to a higher interval (meaning : more per hour) and you’ll be fine.


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