Crawl history page is huge

Hello, thanks for the great plug-in. My concern is that after the plug-in is live and performing the crawls, when I visit the Warm cache settings page it seems to scroll on forever because of all the crawl history.

If it is adding another crawl log every five minutes I can only imagine that when I login to that settings page in a couple of weeks’ time it will crash the browser because the page will be so long with previous crawl data.

Is there a way to only show a certain amount of previous crawls in the plug-in setting page. Otherwise I’m positive that this page will crash the browser in another week?

Thanks in advance

One thought on “Crawl history page is huge

  1. the support admin Post author

    Hi Richard,

    firstly : I see you crawl your site every 5 minutes. Why do you need it that much? Is your cache cold after 5 minutes?

    regarding your question: the log will disappear after a period of time, if all is working there is no need to visit the logs.


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