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AutoPrune Plugin

Hello, great work on AutoPrune plugin for WP! I’m just wondering. If I set it to delete posts after 2 months and set to ALL categories, does that mean:

A) In 2 months every single post is going to be deleted,

or B) Once any post in the selected category becomes 2 months old it gets automatically deleted?

I’m just confused a bit, tnx!

Flags in nav-menu

I was just wondering, more than a suggestion, if there’s a way I can get the flags to the right side of the nav-bar instead of next to the last item in the menu? More where the search-function has been before I had it removed.
I’m really new to this and I bet there are ways to do this in PHP, I just don’t know which files to edit to do it.

Best regards

Returns bad username

Automatic confirmation emails to people who register contain unformed usernames. Example, instead of the username entered in the registration form (lets say, John) one contained:

Username: unverified_KtLJtVu

Those inaccurate usernames do not work for logging in to our site, although if a user can remember the username they entered in the registration form, they can use it along with the password they entered (also returned by the plugin) to log in.

The plugin worked properly at one time, but people are complaining now. BTW, I am not a developer — and I didn’t know how to answer the question about setting the plugin to inactive, because that would completely disable the function.

Find and delete?

I don’t think it’s a bug, more like a request.
I would like to use this plug-in to delete a reprogrammed string from all posts. At is is now it is forcing me to enter a replacement string, I can’t leave it empty. Is there any way to use this plugin as a search and delete?

Thank you