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subscription widget doesn’t add subscribers

Two problems:
1. When you try to subscribe an email via the sidebar widget, the email address doesn’t appear on the subscription list.
2. The export to csv file exports an empty file (only a header row and no subscribers or email addresses).

The first problem seemed to coincide with the upgrade to wordpress 3.3.1 and version 8.0 of the plugin (the plugin was upgraded first). In attempting to solve the first problem, I attempted to export the subscriber list to csv as a backup and reinstall the plugin. Now the list of subscribers is gone.

Plugin causes Internal Error 500

Plugin is extremely effective at blocking horrible spam. However, in the last couple of weeks, it seems to be blocking me from replying to comments. Like this: Error 500 – Internal server error Error 500 – Internal server error An internal server error has occurred! Please try again later. As soon as I deactivate the plugin I can post replies. As soon as I re-activate it, the same error occurs.

wp_new_user_notification conflict with Register Plus Redux plugin!

After activating the Register Plus Redux EXPORT USERS plugin, the Register Plus Redux plugin sends wrong user registration email and displays a conflict error at the top of its settings page:
“There is another active plugin that is conflicting with the latest version of Register Plus Redux 3.7.3. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user. Please refer to for help resolving this issue.”