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Unsubscribe confirmation same as Subscribe

When I, as a visitor, unsubscribe in the sidebar widget I get the same confirmation Page as when I subscribe. There’s no option in settings to use any other Page to deliver a more appropriate message.

If I deactivate the Subscribe2 widget (v1.1) the subscribe buttons disappear (see next question).

Note client has Subscribe2 v8.1 installed which I know isn’t the latest. Since I’ve just been awarded this project I don’t yet know if it’s been customized by the previous developer so reluctant to upgrade until I know more – hence this report

cant use multiple instances of subscribe2 widget

for some reason i cannot use multiple instances of the subscribe2 widget. i have multiple widget areas. when i drag it into one, i cant use it again for another widget area that appears on different pages.

you can see in the attached screenshot that i have it in the Government Widget Area. I’d also like to place it in the Private Widget Area. but its gone from the “Available Widgets”.