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bbpress doesn’t work when Auto Prune Posts is activated

Hi, I couldn’t post on “Report a bug to me” so I am posting here instead.

I have installed bbpress plugin on my site. However, when I install and activate Auto Prune Posts, the “Forum” link found in the left column of my admin section’s dashboard disappears.

When I deactivate plugin: Auto Prune Posts, the “Forum” link appears in the dashboard area.

Plugin overloads mysql queries – process hits 107% before I had to suspend my account

I have a site with 43 blogs, and I installed the plugin on 3 or 4 of the sites. Some of these sites contain as much as 22,000 posts over 9 months. I tried to prune the sites to posts old as 3 months. Over would be cleared. I am guessing the plugin has a lot of pruning to do with 22,000 posts, but it drastically performs so many mysql checks, that the site can no longer connect to the database. Once I suspended the account, all my other sites came back and were accessible.

Activating the plugin “Auto Prune Posts” is leading to a Error 500

We have an internal webserver with wordpress installed that syndicates RSS News with FeedWordPress. Since this produces thousands of posts within a couple monthes we were looking for a plugin, that automatically deletes them again after some time (120 days).
I’ve been testing auto-delete-posts and auto-prune-posts.

The plugin is probably going to delete about 500-600 posts a day. Both plugins have produced error 500 after activation, until I found a post for auto-delete-posts, that suggests a codechange. Basically it reduces the amount of posts handeled at a time. Similar to what you do with your plugin “Mass Delete unused Tags”

Invalid argument

Doing a find and replace but run into error every time

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/b/r/u/brucecargin/html/wp-content/plugins/find-replace/form.php on line 36

Search String =
Replace String =

Searching posts and pages