Find and Replace not working

I tried your Find and Replace plugin to replace the following:
(requires Acrobat Reader)
with a blank space (I just wanted to just get rid of it, but the plugin requires a replacement value). The plugin said it ran, but didn’t tell me which pages it searched or how many results it found. It didn’t delete the unwanted string.

3 thoughts on “Find and Replace not working

  1. support admin Post author

    Did you search and replace for the full HTML ( <a href … ) ?
    The plugin is not configured to tell you howmany hits it found.

  2. support admin Post author

    If the HTML is 100% correct and you did not see an error about empty replacement value all should be ok.

    If it’s not please use pastebin to paste your code you would like to remove (the HTML code ..) and paste the pastebin result URL over here, so I can test it too.


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