Fatal Error due to Find/Replace Plugin

When I try to do anything in regards to editing my site (backend) with the wordpress dashboard, I recieve this error:

Fatal error: Cannot call overloaded function for non-object in /home/p31128/public_html/precisionplanpro.com/wp-content/plugins/find-replace/mijnpress_plugin_framework.php on line 109

Due to this error, I cannot disable the plugin or uninstall it.

This error only occurs on the frontend when I am trying to edit the site from the backend.

Please Help!! This is urgent since I cannot make any changes to the site..

3 thoughts on “Fatal Error due to Find/Replace Plugin

  1. Niall Flynn

    Pretty nasty bug, takes an entire site down on GoDaddy, long time user and tbh not a GD fan so I would imagine something metal on their end and not the plugin. I was mid starting setup and it seems to kill the entire site, wp-admin the works. That said fix is simple just delete but a shame super handy plugin.

  2. the support admin Post author

    It is indeed. However I have decided to stop working on this plugin. I has served many, yet the support killed it 🙁


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