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Fatal Error due to Find/Replace Plugin

When I try to do anything in regards to editing my site (backend) with the wordpress dashboard, I recieve this error:

Fatal error: Cannot call overloaded function for non-object in /home/p31128/public_html/ on line 109

Due to this error, I cannot disable the plugin or uninstall it.

This error only occurs on the frontend when I am trying to edit the site from the backend.

Please Help!! This is urgent since I cannot make any changes to the site..

AutoPrune Plugin

Hello, great work on AutoPrune plugin for WP! I’m just wondering. If I set it to delete posts after 2 months and set to ALL categories, does that mean:

A) In 2 months every single post is going to be deleted,

or B) Once any post in the selected category becomes 2 months old it gets automatically deleted?

I’m just confused a bit, tnx!

Create multiple pages using a generic page

Have used your Simple Add Pages or Posts plugin a few times & it’s very handy, thank you, folks.

On the saite above, we have created a Generic Setout Page with some dummy text, specific shortcodes, & an placeholder image or 2, for quickly populating our little site.

It would be very nice & save lots of time if your plugin could create a number of new pages, but based on this Generic Setout Page we’ve created.

Like the existing pull-down menu you’ve got, it would:
Base new pages on > Choose from current page list.

In other words, before we click the Add button on your Simple Add pages or posts screen, we’d choose an existing page to base all the new pages on, eg. our Generic Setout Page, complete with all content as described above.

And still be able to give each new page their individual titles too.

Save having to copy/paste the raw HTML from our Generic Setout Page to every new page afterwards.

PS Maybe that’s too hard to accomplish, but, wow, would it make this plugin so powerful! Be happy to donate on that basis, because we would use it over & over again.