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Crawl history page is huge

Hello, thanks for the great plug-in. My concern is that after the plug-in is live and performing the crawls, when I visit the Warm cache settings page it seems to scroll on forever because of all the crawl history.

If it is adding another crawl log every five minutes I can only imagine that when I login to that settings page in a couple of weeks’ time it will crash the browser because the page will be so long with previous crawl data.

Is there a way to only show a certain amount of previous crawls in the plug-in setting page. Otherwise I’m positive that this page will crash the browser in another week?

Thanks in advance

Warm Cache and Cloudflare

So I am not sure this is a bug and I have seen other people report on issues related to this and it appears they may think that Warm Cache is not “working” when in reality it probably is working but its not configure properly or maybe we need some option in Warm Cache but here goes…

I have both Warm Cache installed and configure AND I have Cloudflare (the free version) running.

So when Warm Cache goes to run/crawl, I think it is trying to get to the Cloudflare cache and NOT crawl my local site.

I cant figure out how to tell Warm Cache to crawl my local server and not go out to the internet and ultimately Cloudflare.

If I STOP Cloudflare then warm cache will run

wp_mail is declared

When I active this plugin, I get a message from Sendgrid, my mail sending plugin, saying that wp_mail is already defined and so Sendgrid can’t work.

I don’t think it’s necessary for this plugin to declare wp_mail, so it would be great if that can be removed or made optional.

Unsubscribe confirmation same as Subscribe

When I, as a visitor, unsubscribe in the sidebar widget I get the same confirmation Page as when I subscribe. There’s no option in settings to use any other Page to deliver a more appropriate message.

If I deactivate the Subscribe2 widget (v1.1) the subscribe buttons disappear (see next question).

Note client has Subscribe2 v8.1 installed which I know isn’t the latest. Since I’ve just been awarded this project I don’t yet know if it’s been customized by the previous developer so reluctant to upgrade until I know more – hence this report